Toco tu boca,con un dedo todo el borde de tu boca,voy dibujándola como si saliera de mi mano,como si por primera vez tu boca se entreabriera,y me basta con cerrar los ojos para deshacerlo todo y recomenzar..
Julio Cortázar

martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013

Virus and chestnuts

White flowers 
walking around death,
just one way..
When I was a child
I couldnt"t imagine that
I would dream with her.
Now, years have gone fast
and I remember that white flowers
on my dress, full of pain.
That pain, now, with other face,
another melody.
I have seen people falling 
while they were sitting 
I have seen the end
while they walk quiet 
in the streets
I have seen ther bodies disappearing 
and their expensive coats on the floor,
their ridicolous pets crawling
christmas lights killing the trees
wiht a ble electric gun
the middle of nowhere 
this fucking 

and always your bright eyes
inside the chaos
like a big sputum 

I have seen the sky bending the legs
and praying to a empty screen.
peace with chestnuts,
human rights and all that shit,

All that in the same continent.
The same circus.
ey yo"!Bring me a little bit of nothing! 

When I was a child
I didn"t think that life was this.
I din"t think that I would sleep thinking in death,
in your little and distant mouth,
reapiting on my soul words that never sound.
I only want to throw this white flowers dress
into yourself.

On my mind
the virus
differents voices ringing 
but only one beat
one beat that
I don"t remember that dream
I only know that
when I was a child
it comes and saw me
only one way,
just the way.

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